Obligation and Responsibilty of Patients

1. Know   Rights.  - The  patient  shall   ensure  that   he/she   knows   and understands what the patients' rights are and shall exercise those rights responsibly and reasonably.

2. Provide  Accurate  and  Complete  Information. - The  patient  shall provide, to the best of his knowledge, accurate and complete  information  about all matters  pertaining  to  his/her  health, including  medications  and  past  or  present medical problems to his/her health care provider.

3. Report  Unexpected Health Changes. - It shall  be  the  duty  of  every patient to report  unexpected changes  to  his/her  condition  or symptoms,  including pain, to a member of the health care team.

4. Understand Purpose and Cost of Treatment. - The patient shall ensure that  he/she  understands the purpose and cost  of  any  proposed  treatment   or procedure before deciding to accept it.He/she shall notify the health care provider or practitioner  if he/she  does  not  understand  any  information  about  his/her  care  or treatment.The patient shall insist upon exptanations  until adequately  informed and consult with all relevant persons before reaching a decision.

5. Accept Consequences  of Own Informed  Consent. - The patient shall accept all the consequences of the patient's own informed consent.If he/she refuses treatment  or do not follow the instructions or advice of the health care provider  or practitioner,  he/she  must  accept  the  consequences  of  his/her  decision  and  thus relieve the health care provider or practitioner of any liability.

6. Settle  Financial  Obligations. -  The  patient shall  ensure  that  financial obligations  of his/her  health care are fulfilled  as promptly  as  possible,  otherwise, he/she shall  make appropriate  arrangements  to  settle  unpaid  bills in the  hospital and/or professional  fees of the  health care provider through  post-dated  checks or promissory notes or any similar medium.

7. Relation to Others. -  The patient shall so conduct himself or herself so as not to interfere with the well-being  or rights of other patients  or providers of health care. He/she shall act in a considerate  and cooperative  manner,  respect the  rights and  property of others  and follow the  policies  and  procedures  of the  health care establishment.

8. Exhaust Grievance Mechanism. - The patient shall first exhaust the grievance mechanism  provided  in this Act before filing any administrative  or legal action.